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With our unique experience we specialise in providing cleaning services to the residential sector which will be focused on communal areas (in managed blocks) along with individual residential units...


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We have a dedicated team of maintenance personnel providing a full range of services to our clients...


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To obtain a quotation for our services, for either cleaning or maintenance, please click this link and fill out our form. Once your completed form is received we will contact you accordingly.

What makes us different?

  • Providing cost-effective cleaning and maintenance to a high standard
  • Prompt response times for cleaning and maintenance issues
  • Offering specific cleaning contracts with regular maintenance reporting
  • Understanding statutory requirements for clients in the property sector
  • Regular quality control inspections to ensure standards are maintained
  • Extensive use of technology providing real time information to clients
  • Regular reporting of issues back to our clients
Lloyds Cleaning & Maintenance Services Limited
Lloyds Cleaning & Maintenance Services Limited is dedicated to provide high levels of communication, transparency, trust, honesty, approachability, consistency and quality.
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